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lalylala's Beetles, Bugs and Butterflies, A Crochet Story of Tiny Creatures and Big Dreams

€ 20,99 (inclusief btw 6%)
Op voorraad - Levertijd 1-4 werkdagen
EAN code 9781446306666
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Het boek is even uitverkocht, maar ik verwacht hem maandag of dinsdag weer binnen. Wil je zeker weten dat jij het boek kan krijgen, stuur me even een mailtje, dan leg ik hem apart voor je.


Super leuk Engels talig haakboek.


Hello bug lovers and crochet adventurers! Grab your research equipment (magnifying glass, flask of tea, crochet hook, scissors and yarn) and follow us into a world full of magic and science, a microcosm of tiny creatures and big dreams! In this book you will find not only a charming selection of crochet patterns to create scrabbling beetles, beautiful bugs and fluttering butterfly crochet amigurumi, but also a wonderful story to read out loud and ponder on: a tale about growing up; accepting change and the power of dreams. Watch tiny creatures hatching from their eggs, look on as they munch through a green world, and be astonished at their marvelous transformations when they finally slip out of their cocoons. The wings and hats are interchangeable so you can use the patterns in this book to create new outfits for your little insect friends. Give your caterpillar a new set of wings for every day of the week, or cover your beetle in the most colourful wing suits. Be inspired by nature to make creatures of your own creation. It's a great little world full of possibilities. We wish you lots of fun on your journey of discovery and learning!


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